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Neil Clements Rick Perkins Winnner 2014
Neil Clements Rick Perkins Winnner 2014
Jade Marshall-GOAL Winner_Student of the Year 2014
Jade Marshall-GOAL Winner_Student of the Year 2014
Surgical Technology Now Accepting New Students for Summer 2014
Surgical Technology Now Accepting New Students for Summer 2014
Air Conditioning Technology Summer Semester 2014
Air Conditioning Technology Summer Semester 2014
Medical Assisting Now Offering Evening Classes
Medical Assisting Now Offering Evening Classes
BAT Summer Semester 2014
BAT Summer Semester 2014
Happy Birthday 67th SWGTC
Happy Birthday 67th SWGTC
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How to Apply for SWGTC Scholarships

Click here to view all the merit-based scholarships available for Summer Semester 2014.

The deadline for these scholarships is April 1, 2014.

Merit Based scholarships are evaluated based on grades (transcripts), letter(s) of recommendation, and essays. Merit based scholarships are awarded based on availability. Applications for these scholarships are accepted the semester before they are awarded. You may apply only for those scholarships listed above that are currently accepting applications.

Review the General Scholarship Guidelines. These guidelines serve to offer further explanation to some of the criteria in SWGTC Foundation scholarship policies.

Download and complete the SWGTC Foundation Scholarship Application. Please turn in a different application for each scholarship for which you wish to be considered.

Attach all supporting documentation found in each scholarship’s policies and procedures (such as essays, letter of recommendations, transcript, etc.) with the application and turn it into the Office of Institutional Advancement by the posted deadline. Incomplete scholarship applications will NOT be reviewed! The Office of Institutional Advancement is not responsible for notifying students of incomplete applications. Therefore, incomplete applications will simply be sent a denial letter in reference to the scholarship applied for.

Be sure you have completed a FAFSA. Completion of a FAFSA is required for all SWGTC Foundation applications. For assistance, please see the Office of Financial Aid.

If you have any questions about scholarships or the application process, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 229-227-2415 or the Office of Financial Aid at 229-225-5036.

The following scholarship is offered by the Thomasville Kiwanis Club and is being advertised by the SWGTC Foundation as a courtesy to students. Applications are available in the Office of Institutional Advancement, from the College Counselor in Student Affairs, or from a member of the Thomasville Kiwanis Club. These applications are reviewed by the Kiwanis Club and decisions are made by the Kiwanis Club. Applicants and Scholarship Recipients are notified by the Thomasville Kiwanis Club.

Kiwanis Club of Thomaville Scholarship


Click on the links below to view each scholarship’s policies and application procedures:

Albert & Esther Thomson Scholarship

Camilla Rotary Club Scholarship

Debbie Griffiths Scholarship

Gap Scholarship

Grady County Students Scholarship

Growing Nurses Recruitment Scholarship

Jeffrey T. Harris Memorial Scholarship

John Deere TECH Scholarship

Jump Start - School of Health Sciences

Jump Start - School of Business

Jump Start - School of Professional Services

Jump Start - School of Industrial Technology

Kathryn Read Scholarship

Lillie Jackson Gregory Memorial Scholarship

Maddox Veterinary Technology Scholarship

Medical Education Technology Inc. Scholarship

Mitchell County Students Scholarship

Non-Traditional Students Scholarship

Phi Beta Lambda Scholarship

William Howard Flowers & Maury Tice Flowers/Archbold Medical Center Scholarship


Student Enabling Program (Emergency Assistance)

The Student Enabling Program is a need-based program designed to help students with unexpected expenses that may prevent them from continuing their education. This program is open to all students who have completed at least 50% of their program of study. Students may only receive assistance ONCE. This assistance will not be available during the first and last weeks of the semester applied in.

To apply for the Student Enabling Program, complete an application form, information sheet, and include all supporting documentation listed in the policies and procedures. Completed applications should be returned to the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Click here to download the Student Enabling Scholarship Policies & Procedures.

Click here to download the application form and information sheet.

High School Scholarships

The SWGTC Foundation offers high school seniors the opportunity to apply for a scholarship before graduation. A scholarship is awarded to students from each high school in Thomas, Grady, and Mitchell Counties. Applications for the High School scholarship can be picked up at your high school counselor’s office or SWGTC. Scholarship recipients are awarded a $500 scholarship upon enrolling at SWGTC. Awards are announced before high school graduation.


Other Scholarship Opportunities

Johnson & Johnson Georgia Retiree's Association Scholarship

The Johnson & Johnson Georgia Retiree's Association has nursing scholarships available for relatives of Johnson & Johnson Georgia reitrees. The student must be accepted or currently enrolled in an accredited nursing curriculum for either RN or LPN. The student must be related to a Georgia Johnson & Johnson retiree (including deceased retirees) and could be a daughter/son, grandchild, great-grandchild, step-child, or step-grandchild or the spouse of any of those listed. The Johnson & Johnson retiree must be a resident of the State of Georgia.

To obtain further information and applications forms please visit the Johnson & Johnson website at: http://www.jnjgra.com/jjnursingscholarship.html

Thomas B. McDowell Memorial Scholarship

One $2,000 scholarship will be awarded this year. Applicants must have graduated from a high school in Early County, Georgia. They must have completed at least 2 years in a post secondary college or university in the United States and have attained at least a 2.5 GPA in the post secondary college or university. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, extracurricular school activities or employment, community service, and leadership qualities.

The deadline for this scholarship application is December 1, 2013. Please click here for the scholarship application.

Bright from the Start (Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning) Scholarship Program

BFTS provides financial help through its “SCHOLARSHIPS” program. “SCHOLARSHIPS” is for childcare staff and family daycare home providers who work in licensed centers or registered homes. An individual preparing for work that is interested in working in a childcare program, but not yet employed, does not qualify for this financial assistance.   “SCHOLARSHIPS” considers wages, position, hours of employment, length of employment, and work setting in determining eligibility for this financial assistance. SCHOLARSHIPS pays, directly to the institution, 80% of fees not covered by HOPE or PELL if enrolled in a public two- or four-year institution in an early childhood care and education program of study. It does not cover course work offered through Continuing Education—only academic, credit-bearing course work is covered. At private institutions, SCHOLARSHIPS awards up to $1800 per semester after HOPE and PELL have been applied.

Many teachers may not need tuition assistance but SCHOLARSHIPS also provides a cash stipend of $200, directly to the teacher each semester or $150 each quarter that he/she is enrolled in an eligible program. The student receives the stipend regardless of their financial aid status. Finally, there is a one-time CDA (a national credential) assessment fee scholarship available through this program. For all your questions regarding “SCHOLARSHIPS” please call Care Solutions directly at 1-800-227-3410 to talk with their trained staff or go to http://www.caresolutions.com/content/page.cfm/183/


Georgia Association for Nursing Education (GANE) Call for Scholarship Application

*This is not a SWGTC Foundation scholarship please submit application to the address below.

The Georgia Association for Nursing Education (GANE)offers three nursing scholarships for students enrolled in Georgia’s nursing programs. These include:

The amounts of the scholarships depend on the interest earned on the scholarship accounts for the previous year. The amount is never less than $500. The scholarship is for a one time award.
The Georgia Association for Nursing Education collaborates with the Georgia Nurses Association (GNA) and the Georgia Nurses Foundation (GNF) in the scholarship awards. The Nurses Foundation coordinates the call for scholarship applications and plans a scholarship committee meeting between the 3 involved entities. One representative from GANE, GNA and GNF attend the scholarship committee meetings, score the applications and determines who will receive the 5 designated scholarships (3 of which belong to GANE). Once the scholarship recipients are determined, the information is provided to the Board of Directors for GANE. The board determines the amount of each scholarship based on the earned income for the previous year. The president then sends out a congratulatory letter to the recipient along with a check for the scholarship amount. The scholarship recipients are invited to the annual GANE meeting that occurs in February each year. The recipients are announced at the meeting, and if present, are invited to say a few words to those attending the meeting. While the GANE web site maintains the scholarship criteria and the application, potential recipients should go the Georgia Nurses Foundation web site (since they coordinate the committee) for the latest information regarding application due dates and other required information to send in along with the application.
Should an applicant have questions they can contact either the Georgia Nurses Foundation or email any of the Board of Directors for GANE (board list on GANE web site).

GANE Scholarship Committee
Attn: Gwen Renee Baca
Gwinnett Technical College
5150 Sugarloaf Parkway
Bldg. 900, Rm. 3.213
Lawrenceville, GA  30043

Office Phone: 678-226-6269


More information about scholarships, awards, and the annual conference may be found on the GANE  website at http://georgiaassociationfornursingeducation.com

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