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Now earn your Business Management Degree online!
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 Have you heard this before?

"Going to College is easier now than ever!"

Perhaps going to College is easier than it used to be, but exactly how do you get started?  How do you get into your classes?  Like most students, you probably need some form of Financial Aid, but you have no idea how Financial Aid works.

And That's Why We Created This Page.

At Southwest Georgia Technical College, we can't magically wave a wand and make everything work, but we are always looking to make the process less confusing for our students. This page was created to help prospective students navigate the process of applying to college through a series of links and videos.  It isn't perfect, but we plan to keep tinkering with this page to help you, the new student, get the information you need when you need it.


The first thing you will need to do, is decide what you are interested in. 

You can research the various wonderful programs we offer at Southwest Georgia Technical College by clicking on this Link.

You can find what courses we are currently offering and what courses we plan on offering next term at our page for our Schedule of Courses.


Once you know what program you are interested in, you should apply for admission to the College. 

SWGTC has developed a video to provide you information on our College and to help walk you through the process of becoming admitted to our College.  You can find the video at this Link.

As you work with our Admission department, there will be a list of documents that you will need to complete.  These documents can be found on our Application for Admissions webpage.


Some people are fortunate enough to be able to afford all of the expenses of College (tuition, fees, books, etc) without assistance, but most people will need at least a little help.  For all those who need help paying for the costs of College, there is the Financial Aid department. 

SWGTC has prepared a series of videos to help guide you through the Financial Aid process. 

We have a video discussing the documentation that will need to be completed to obtain any Financial Aid.

We have a video discussing the types of Federal Financial Aid available.

We have a video discussing the types of State Financial Aid available.

We have a video with Financial Aid Reminders. 

We have a video that addresses Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions.

We even have a video with all of the Financial Aid videos put together.

As you watch these videos, you may wish to work on the various Financial Aid documents.  These documents can be found on our Financial Aid webpage

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