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MTC + SWGTC = Southern Regional
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Sharon Poitevint Rick Perkins Winner 2015
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Health Information MANAGEMENT Technology

Program Description: The Health Information Management Technology program is a sequence of courses designed to provide students with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to process, maintain, analyze, and report health information data according to legal, accreditation, licensure and certification standards for reimbursement, facility planning, marketing, risk management, utilization management, quality assessment and research; program graduates will develop leadership skills necessary to serve in a functional supervisory role in various components of the health information system.

Student Learning Outcomes:
•  Students will monitor and update electronic patient records.
•  Students will assign CPT/HCPCS Codes..
•  Students will recall legal policies, regulations, and industry standards, used in handling patient information.

Length of Program: Five (5) Semesters

Cost of Program: Click Here.

Entrance Date: Any semester

Entrance Requirements: Refer to Admission criteria.  Click for Entrance Score Requirements.

Age: Applicant must be 16 years of age or older.

Education: An applicant must be a high school graduate or the equivalent (GED).  College transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Advisor: A program advisor should be consulted prior to enrolling in any course.  An advisor will be assigned by admissions.

Additional Requirements: A Criminal background check and drug toxicology may be required for Internship/Externship and/or Employer.  Results will affect employment options and will need to be discussed with your advisor.

PROGRAM FINAL EXIT POINT: Health Information Management Technology, Associate of Applied Science.

Credits Required for Graduation:  65 minimum semester hour credits required for graduation.



Credit Hours

1. General Core Courses 15
  Area I: Language Arts/Communication 3
    Required Course(s):
    ENGL 1101 Composition and Rhetoric  
  Area II: Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
  Area III: Natural Sciences/Mathematics 3
    Required Course(s):
    One Mathematics Course
  Area IV: Humanities/Fine Arts 3
  And one additional course from Area I, II, III, or IV (as approved by program advisor) 3
  General Education courses and electives for the Associate Level can be found on this page.  
2. Occupational Courses (50 hours)
  ALHS 1090 Medical Terminology for Allied Health Sciences 2
  BIOL 2113 Anatomy and Physiology I 3
  BIOL 2113L Anatomy and Physiology Lab I 1
  BIOL 2114 Anatomy and Physiology II 3
  BIOL 2114L Anatomy and Physiology Lab II 1
  HIMT 1100 Introduction to Health Information Technology 3
  HIMT 1150 Computer Applications in Healthcare 3
  HIMT 1200 Legal Aspects of Healthcare 3
  HIMT 1250 Health Record Contect and Structure 2
  HIMT 1350 Pharmacotherapy 2
  HIMT 1400 Coding and Classification - ICD Basic 4
  HIMT 1410 Coding and Classification - ICD Advanced 3
  HIMT 2150 Healthcare Statistics 2
  HIMT 2200 Performance Improvement 3
  HIMT 2300 Healthcare Management 3
  HIMT 2400 Coding and Classification - CPT/HCPCS 3
  HIMT 2410 Revenue Cycle Management 3
  HIMT 2460 Health Information Technology Practicum 3
  MAST 1120 Human Disease 3
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