MTC + SWGTC = Southern Regional
MTC + SWGTC = Southern Regional
Sharon Poitevint Rick Perkins Winner 2015
Sharon Poitevint Rick Perkins Winner 2015
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Ashley Hiatt GOAL 2015 Winner
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Pilot Ground School Training
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Student Workshops

In order to help students be successful in College, several Student Success Workshops are held each semester.  Topics include Test Strategies, How to Reduce Test Anxiety, Time Management, Stress Management, Financial Aid Information, Financial Literacy, and more.

We are always looking for new topics to cover in our workshops.  If you have a suggestion, email the Retention Coordinator with your ideas.


FALL 2013

Main Campus

September 05, 2013               Thursday                     Time Management

October 09, 2013                    Wednesday                 Budgeting and Financial Literacy



Main Campus

January 23, 2014                     Thursday                     Study Skills Related

February 06, 2014                   Thursday                     Preparing for the Job Fair

February 27, 2014                   Thursday                     Financial Aid and Your Taxes

March 19, 2014                      Wednesday                   Managing Your Stress

April 07, 2014                         Thursday                      Health and Personal Fitness



Main Campus

June 11, 2014                          Wednesday                 Test Anxiety/Preparation


Grady Campus

June 17, 2014                          Tuesday                       Test Anxiety/Preparation



Possible Presenters/Topics

Mike Young – Stress/Study Skills, etc

Londa Wilson – Stress/Study Skills

Karen Murray – Security/Safety

Ann Dunn – Parents/Kids

Jessica Barfield – Parents/Kids/Deco

Wally Waldron – Study Skills

Summer Washington – Test Anxiety

Laronda Young – Learning Styles

Thomas Graham – Car Maintenance

Anna Holton – Personal Fitness

Bo Curles – Pet Care 101

Graham Bell – Financial Budgeting

Elizabeth Nicholson (Shaw Center)

Representative from Northside



Gloria Lowe, Retention Coordinator
Phone: 229-227-2795

Anna Holton, Retention/Special Population Specialist
Phone: 229-227-2676

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