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Book Loans and Application

The cost of textbooks can be a major expense for college students.  For students with limited income or financial aid, this cost can be a potential barrier to completing their program of study.  The Student Affairs department is fortunate to have grant funding available to provide book loans to students in need.  We hope that by providing this service, more students will be able to complete their educational goals in a timely manner.

Book Loan Guidelines

Book loans are available to students who do not have sufficient financial aid or personal funds to purchase all of their textbooks in a given semester. 

Generally, books are available for “core” or pre-requisite classes.  Program specific books are sometimes available, but not always.

In order to receive a book loan, students must submit the Book Loan Request Form to the Admissions office.  Students should also submit a copy of the portion of the book list from the SWGTC Bookstore (link below) highlighting the books requested, as well as a copy of their course schedule.

Students who have completed the Financial Aid application process and whose Financial Aid file is complete will have priority over students whose Financial Aid file is not complete.

After submitting a Book Loan Request Form, it is the student’s responsibility to check with the Retention Coordinator on the status of the request.  Book loans will not be available until the first day of class. 

Book Loan requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and are based on financial need.   

Students are encouraged to submit requests early.  Students who turn in requests before the semester starts stand a better chance of receiving a loan than those who wait until classes start.  A good guideline for current students is to turn in a Request Form as soon as they register for the next semesters’s classes, if they will not be able to purchase all of their books using financial aid. 

Students may not write or highlight in loaned books or they will be charged the full cost of the book. 

Any items accompanying the book, such as CDs, must be returned in good condition or the full cost of the book and the accessory will be charged.  Failure to return the book within 5 days after the end of the semester or after withdrawing from a course will result in a hold on the student’s account. 

Students may use the book loan program more than once.  However, priority is given to students demonstrating the greatest need.   

Print a Book Loan Request Form.

View the booklist from the SWGTC Book Store.

Book Loan Coordinator
Larry Russell , Retention Coordinator
Phone: 229-225-5060


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