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A field trip is defined as a structured learning experience that takes place outside the physical surrounding of the College.   To minimize the risk of liability all employees exercise prudence and good judgment in the management of all field trip activities; and, they must have SWGTC Assumption of Risk, Agreement to Abide by Code of Conduct, Release of Liability, and Limited Medical Authorization forms signed by all participants in order to minimize the risk of liability.

Academic Field Trip or Community Activity
Southwest Georgia Technical College (SWGTC) supports offering learning experiences for its students, both in the classroom and in the community.  To provide clarity as to the type of learning experience, SWGTC offers two types of Field Trips: Academic and Community Activity.  Academic Field Trips are learning experiences offered by a program to enhance the occupational material students are receiving within the classroom setting.  Academic Field Trips also include recruitment activities or events involving currently enrolled students with the purpose of promoting interest in a specific program or the College as a whole.  Community Activities are learning experiences offered through Student Club Organizations or Student Affairs with the goal of building community engagement or strengthening leadership skills.  When a Field Trip is Academic in nature, reference the SWGTC Field Trips Procedure.  When a Field Trip is a Community Activity, reference the SWGTC Community Activities Procedure.

Academic Field Trip Approval
Field Trip Request Forms may be acquired through the SWGTC Faculty Portal and Website. Approval will require as a minimum the signature of the Instructor(s)/Faculty Advisor(s) requesting the activity, and appropriate administrator. Requests for Academic Field Trip activities must receive approval at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduling of the event.

Missed Classes as a Result of Academic Field Trips
The instructor/faculty advisor requesting the field trip is responsible for notifying all affected instructors of the students participating in the activity. The procedure for make-up work or tests will be established at the time of notification.

Student Accident Insurance
It is the responsibility of the instructor/faculty advisor requesting the activity to certify that each participant has student accident insurance or has signed an insurance waiver form.

The Field Trip Request form will require instructor/faculty advisor to provide information concerning transportation for trip.

College Vehicle – An approved academic field trip activity entitles the instructor/faculty advisor to request a College vehicle for travel. Requests will be granted on an availability basis. Only employees of the College may drive College vehicles.

Private Vehicle – No employee is to transport students in personal vehicles. Students are strongly discouraged from transporting fellow students in personal vehicles. The Vice President for Academic Affairs must pre-approve student transporting students in extraordinary circumstances.

Extraordinary Circumstances- If students must transport students, valid drivers' licenses and current vehicle insurance must be certified by the instructor/faculty advisor and a copy of each attached to the Field Trip Roster.

An Instructor/Faculty Advisor or a designated College official must accompany participants during field trip activities.

Emergency Information
Field Trip Participants - The participants will complete the Field Trip Roster information and provide telephone number of an available next-of-kin or contact person who will be available in case of emergency.
Instructor/Faculty Advisor – The Field Trip Request form will require the instructor/faculty advisor to provide information concerning the destination of the field trip along with a phone number by which to reach them. 

Fiscal Responsibility
The Field Trip Request form will require the Instructor/Faculty Advisor to provide fiscal needs for activity.

Safety and Code of Conduct
Instructor/faculty advisors are required to review safety guidelines and the Code of Conduct with students prior to trip departure.


The Vice President for Academic Affairs has the overall responsibility for ensuring these procedures are implemented. 

SBTCSG Policy V.I. Field Trips
Field Trip Request
Field Trip Roster
Assumption of Risk, Agreement to Abide by Code of Conduct, Release of Liability, and Limited Medical Authorization


Adopted: 11-7-89

Revised: 8-6-96; 12-11-96; 4-6-99; 12-5-00; 2-1-05; 1-15-08; 11-26-12; 08-12-14


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