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MTC + SWGTC = Southern Regional
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SWGTC Proctoring Procedure

In order to comply with accreditation requirements for the validation of student identity for all online courses, all students enrolled in online courses are required to have at least one proctored event (a major exam or assignment).  These procedures are intended to facilitate the fair and impartial application of the Southwest Georgia Technical College (SWGTC) Proctoring process.

SWGTC takes the protection of student identities seriously.  It is our policy to strictly follow Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines with regards to protection of student information.  In the application of this Proctoring Procedure, faculty, staff, and outside proctors are reminded to closely guard the information provided by students.  [Please refer to FERPA Guidelines for additional details.]  Since it is necessary to verify student identity by checking a government-issued Driver’s License or Photo ID, any personally identifiable information obtained in pursuit of this identity verification must be handled with extreme care in order to prevent its unlawful access or misuse.  Any costs associated with obtaining the verification requirements of the Proctored Examination will be the responsibility of the student.

 It is important to note that while SWGTC does NOT charge a fee to proctor any student taking classes from a TCSG college, some proctoring facilities do charge.  In the event a student chooses to be proctored at a facility which charges a fee, that fee must be paid by the student.  SWGTC will make every reasonable effort to identify fee-charging proctoring facilities and will list the advertised fee along with any other details available when listing pre-approved facilities in an effort to assist students in avoiding such fees.

Proctoring approval form submission
It is the student’s responsibility to find a qualified proctor with whom they can arranged a date, time, and location to complete their proctored event requirement. Once a suitable proctor has been selected by the student, they must complete and submit a Proctor Scheduling Request Form or Proctor Approval Request Form for each event (even if they use the same proctor).  Completed forms must be submitted via online form.  If for any reason the student does not have access to the online form, they may download, completed, and sent a PDF form via approved e-mail to  Forms must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the desired event date.  Students who do not submit the required forms, or who submit their forms late, may forfeit the opportunity to take their examinations and will be subject to the instructor’s make-up policies.

Students, instructors, and proctors will receive an e-mail confirmation upon receipt of the form. If confirmation is not received within one business day, students should send e-mail to the Distance Education Coordinator at for assistance.

Proctored event review approval
There are four methods for completing the required proctored event.  The review and approval procedures for each method are as follows:

These methods, listed in order of preference are: 

A. Students who live within reasonable commute distance (50 miles) of a Southwest Georgia Technical College (SWGTC) campus:

1. are encouraged to contact their instructor to schedule a time with that instructor to come on campus to complete their proctored event; or

2. may submit a Proctor Scheduling Request Form to schedule an appointment with the SWGTC Library. 

B. Students who live outside of reasonable commute distance (more than 50 miles) from a SWGTC campus:

1. are encouraged to submit a Proctor Scheduling Request Form to schedule their event at any of our pre-approved proctoring partner facilities; or

2. as a last resort in situations where a student has no access to a pre-approved proctoring partner facility, they may submit a Proctor Approval Form to complete their event in a proctored setting at an alternative location according to the steps outlined in the SWGTC Proctor Process.


Proctored event notices and communication

Students will be provided prior notice of the SWGTC proctoring requirement via the SWGTC website, catalog, and in all online course syllabi.  Online course syllabi will include the due date of and any special instructions for students related to the completion of the proctored event, but will not allow student access to event related materials prior to the scheduled date and time of the event. 

Students are required to submit any Proctor Scheduling Request Forms or Proctor Approval Forms at least two weeks in advance of the desired date of their proctored event.  This prior notice is required in order to allow for processing of the requests.  Submission of the required forms will be done electronically via online application when-ever possible.  If for any reason the online submission application is not available, a completed PDF form will be available which students can download, complete, and submit via e-mail to  Students with disabilities or requiring special testing accommodations should include this information when contacting their instructor so that they can help coordinate these needs.


Provision of proctoring services by SWGTC

The SWGTC Library will provide exam proctoring services for students who are taking online courses.  SWGTC will proctor exams or other assignments, at no charge, on any SWGTC campus for any student of any TCSG College.  SWGTC may also engage in inter-institutional agreements to provide proctoring services. Many academic institutions provide these services free or at a low cost, for which students will be responsible.


Finding a qualified proctor

For assistance finding a proctor, students can contact a guidance counselor, an academic advisor, or the dean of students or registrar’s office at a nearby college, university, public secondary school, or local testing center. The Consortium of College Testing Centers is an organization that has testing centers across the country and abroad that provide proctoring services to distance students near their homes. Centers are located in 44 states and Canada. Any fees incurred are the student’s responsibility.


Proctor and site qualifications

Students choosing to utilize an alternative proctoring solution are responsible for finding a qualified proctor to administer each event, and for submitting the required approval form for each event. The proctor must meet the following criteria:

    • be a teacher, professor, librarian (or full-time library staff member), or administrator in a nearby public secondary school, college, university, library, or testing center, or
    • a commissioned officer whose rank is higher than the student's own (for students in the military only), or
    • a corporate education director.
    • Proctors cannot be family members, friends, or co-workers.


Students must confirm that their proctor and/or the event site have the following:

    • a business e-mail address (Exam materials are not sent to proctors who do not have a business e-mail address.),
    • a quiet, appropriately lit, and furnished location in which to complete the exam or assignment,
    • an available computer with reliable access to the Internet,
    • the ability to download files (some exams may require downloaded components) ,
    • a printer with the ability to print PDF documents,
    • and access to a fax machine or scanner (for returning completed documents to SWGTC).


Retention of proctored event documentation

In accordance with TCSG and GVTC records retention policies, all records related to the submission and approval of proctored events shall be maintained for a period of one year after course completion for uncontested grade results, or until resolved for contested grade results, whichever is longer.



The Distance Education Coordinator has overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.



SWGTC Proctor Scheduling Request Forms
SWGTC Proctor Approval Form
Preliminary Proctor Instructions
Academic Honesty Disclosure Form
SWGTC Preapproved Proctoring Sites

Adopted: 11-30-10

Revised: 07-31-12; 05-27-2014; 08-12-14



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