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MTC + SWGTC = Southern Regional
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Sharon Poitevint Rick Perkins Winner 2015
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Planning Team

The purpose of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Planning Team is to construct and implement procedures that ensure all college constituencies have involvement in the identification, selection, and acceptance of a QEP topic. The QEP Planning Team will use focus groups, surveys, web sites and meetings to encourage and promote college-wide participation of faculty, staff, students, alumni and stakeholders in identifying areas for improving student learning at SWGTC. The QEP Planning Team is designed to facilitate the QEP process.

QEP Planning Team:

Ms. Jessica Barfield
Faculty, Early Childhood Care and Education

Mr. Dennis Lee – QEP Planning Team Co-Chair (
Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Jeanine Long
Staff, Director Career Placement and Development

Mr. Travis Timmons – QEP Editor
Faculty, English

Ms. Summer Washington – QEP Planning Team Co-Chair (
Faculty, Psychology

Ex-Officio members include:

Ms. Carla Barrow
Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Debbie Goodman
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Annie McElroy
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Planning Team Minutes

January 07, 2010  
January 21, 2010  
January 25, 2010  
February 2, 2010  
February 9, 2010  
February 16, 2010  
February 23, 2010  
March 2, 2010  
March 9, 2010  
March 16, 2010  
March 23, 2010  
March 25, 2010  
April 6, 2010


Below are sample entries from our original QEP suggestion box:

Below are sample entries from our original QEP suggestion box: "I would pick a topic that would enhance our students math skills. The math skills that the students learn must be transferred from simple math to critical thinking application math questions. Another suggestion would be to develop some sort of student mentoring programs to improve student success and completion rates." -Faculty

  • "I think the single most important thing I was lacking as a freshman was knowing about the services and the assistance that may have been available to me at the college. A Freshman Orientation course would have helped me tremendously. I also believe this is an important step in retention of our students." -Admin
  • I believe enhancing computer skills (increasing computer literacy) is very important for our students. As the world is becoming more dependent on electronic communication (online newspapers, online social networking, online communications, online resources for to assist with everyday life skills, etc) our students need to be made more aware of the many resources that are available to enhance their learning experiences." -Admin
  • "Connect students with student services so that students are able to utilize all our pre-existing services for financial aid, workshops, lunch and learns, tutoring, counseling, etc. This way students will be more empowered to succeed in their college experience and be better connected with the campus community. This could be done through a mandatory orientation session, tour, etc." -Faculty
  • "I have noticed a pattern of poor writing skills amongst students. There is a tendancy toward poor grammar, poor spelling and poor sentence structure." -Faculty "Develop a true mandatory first-year experience that would help address the specific transitional needs of college freshmen (or those with a long gap between college admissions) and prepare them for the rigors of college-level academic work." -Admin
  • "Focus on improving student learning in mathematics. This is an area in which students fail and/or withdraw in high numbers and in high percentages from courses, which prevents students from either being able to enter their desired program or that prevents students from graduating." -Admin
  • "Reading and writing......critical to student success." -Admin
  • "I see a real need in the areas of: Math (basic) Critical Thinking Reading Comprehension." -Faculty
  • "Quality Enhancement Plan “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS” Purpose for student : 1. To learn definition of ethics ethical behavior. 2. To develop a personal recognition of and personal sense of value for ethics ethical behavior. 3. To realize ethics ethical behavior is the true foundation for making excellent choices in their personal and professional life. 4. To understand when ethics ethical behavior is put into action, no matter what stance in life nor where, everything else is elevated to a better place. -Faculty "Students need to develop problem solving skills and be able to think “outside the box”. Life’s problems do not have definitive answers that can be memorized. Critical thinking is a very important skill that should be developed by the college experience. Critical thinking and decision making will lead the student to a more successful life after college.” -Faculty
  • "To determine the increase in student learning in all programs through the use of simulations, written communications and information literacy." -Admin "I believe an online orientation would be helpful to all new students entering SWGTC ... or ... adding a section to current classes that address online learning devices and their usefulness as well as how to research online. (information literacy?) -Admin
  • "Mandatory first year experience type program for beginning students to educate and empower them to get the maximum benefit from their time in the classroom." -Staff
  • "Student learning is greatly enhanced and moreover retained when there is instructor engagement. Developing concrete methods for improved student engagement and retention through effective and supporting online instructors is paramount to the success of both online learning programs and online learning achievement." -Faculty
  • "Focus on the Foundations... ensure that students are grounded in basic skills like reading, writing, math, and computer concepts before starting in thier programs." - Staff
  • "Student to Student learning employ student tutors who are assigned to a specific course. The tutor attends the class and is then available at specified times outside of class to work with students individually or in groups or even online via elluminate." - Staff
  • "I think if maybe some stress and time management could be offered before classes start, more would possibly go. I know whenever they are availble I always want to go, I just get too caught up with studying to be able to make it." - Student
  • "I believe we can improve student learning by improving math skills, and critical thinking. At this college it seems to have come to my attention that most people who attend here and have math classes seem to fall behind due to lack of critical thinking." - Student
  • "Have mandatory how to study class material online before each quarter. I consider this as important as work ethics." -Adjunct
  • "I feel that we need to develop a required, for credit, freshman seminar course that will encompass all that is needed to succeed in college. I suggest that we have different staff and faculty to teach subjects depending on their expertise and strengths." - Faculty
  • " Many students do not view reading of the required text as an avenue for success in a course. The culture of reading is in need of improving; when a student learns to adopt a positive behavior and attitude about reading, that student’s level of success both academically and professionally will improve." - Faculty
  • "Basic reading comprehension and following directions." - Staff
  • "Improve math skills Improve grammar skills Improve critical thinking skills." - Faculty
  • "Reading and writing are weaknesses that hold many of our students back.Could we offer something like PLATO that would be a set cost for us, not an additional instructor? This would increase the student’s skills without putting a large financial burden on the student or the college." - Admin
  • "Set up a repository or central on-line database that contains self-help and/or tutoring programs in math, science, english, reading comprehension, critical thinking, etc that students have free access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer. The database could be set up in much the same way as exists with GVTC. This database could also contain embedded videos demonstrating a lab proecure, mathematical calculation, repair of a car engine or a part of the engine, etc." - Faculty "Reading Comprehension." -Other
  • "Improve critical thinking skills." - Other
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