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Planning Team

The purpose of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Planning Team is to construct and implement procedures that ensure all college constituencies have involvement in the identification, selection, and acceptance of a QEP topic. The QEP Planning Team will use focus groups, surveys, web sites and meetings to encourage and promote college-wide participation of faculty, staff, students, alumni and stakeholders in identifying areas for improving student learning at SWGTC. The QEP Planning Team is designed to facilitate the QEP process.

QEP Planning Team:

Ms. Jessica Barfield
Faculty, Early Childhood Care and Education

Mr. Dennis Lee – QEP Planning Team Co-Chair (dlee@southwestgatech.edu)
Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Jeanine Long
Staff, Director Career Placement and Development

Mr. Travis Timmons – QEP Editor
Faculty, English

Ms. Summer Washington – QEP Planning Team Co-Chair (swashington@southwestgatech.edu)
Faculty, Psychology

Ex-Officio members include:

Ms. Carla Barrow
Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Debbie Goodman
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Annie McElroy
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Planning Team Minutes

January 07, 2010  
January 21, 2010  
January 25, 2010  
February 2, 2010  
February 9, 2010  
February 16, 2010  
February 23, 2010  
March 2, 2010  
March 9, 2010  
March 16, 2010  
March 23, 2010  
March 25, 2010  
April 6, 2010


Below are sample entries from our original QEP suggestion box:

Below are sample entries from our original QEP suggestion box: "I would pick a topic that would enhance our students math skills. The math skills that the students learn must be transferred from simple math to critical thinking application math questions. Another suggestion would be to develop some sort of student mentoring programs to improve student success and completion rates." -Faculty

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